Station Rentals

Station Rentals

Why rent with us?

Our salon and barbershop are connected to Alamo Barber & Beauty Supply store, making sundries and color supplies accessible and convenient. (with 10% commission on any sale on any product in our store). Turn key to allow access 24/7 to the salon! Online scheduling is available with social media advertising!

Our walk-in service can help new stylists build clientele. 

Our very high-end professional environment is specifically designed for both you and your customer! Which includes a reception area and free Wi-Fi for you and your clients.  

Each station has a large mirror, a salon chair, a 1″ thick anti-fatigue mat, and a lockable station cabinet, and a color room with full-size induvial cabinet lockers, professional-grade shampoo & conditioners, clean towels & capes, 3 VP shampoo bowls, and a dryer area with four stand-alone units.



Oh Nine Hair Studio

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